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free house in second life

The Second Life of Nick Mason (Nick Mason, #1) by Steve Hamilton

Nick Mason has already spent five years inside a maximum security prison when an offer comes that will grant his release twenty years early.  He accepts -- but the deal comes with a terrible price.

Now, back on the streets, Nick Mason has a new house, a new car, money to burn, and a beautiful roommate.  He’s returned to society, but hes still a prisoner.  Whenever his cell phone rings, day or night, Nick must answer it and follow whatever order he is given.  It’s the deal he made with Darius Cole, a criminal mastermind serving a double-life term who runs an empire from his prison cell.

Forced to commit increasingly more dangerous crimes, hunted by the relentless detective who put him behind bars, and desperate to go straight and rebuild his life with his daughter and ex-wife, Nick will ultimately have to risk everything—his family, his sanity, and even his life—to finally break free.
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HOW TO BUILD A HOME in Second Life

Linden Homes Videos. Get Your Home Now.
Steve Hamilton

~BAZAR~ Roya House (furnished)

Keywords Help. All or part of the Merchant's name or store name. House is linked and setted to optimize the LI count. Of course items are mod, so you are able to unlink them, but keep in mind that by doing this, will increase the LI. Mesh textures dont work like textures of prims, because usually mesh have only some faces or just one. When the rental period has expired without renewal the renter is automatically deleted form the Officers list.

Or upgrade to a mainland location and we'll waive your land tier fee. The choice is yours!

Keywords Help. All or part of the Merchant's name or store name. All furniture pieces are quality items designed specially for this house. Furniture is menu driven with texture changing options. Decor items are also included. Furniture sets are also available separated on marketplace and in world.

Asked by beccarocks. There is no ways. If you are asking how you can have a home, without becoming a premium account holder, there are residential communities all over Second Life, you just have to find one that is within your price range and style. If you look in the classifieds section of search, or check forums listings for rentals, you can start that way. The great thing about residential rentals is that if you do not like your neighbours you can always relocate to another place with ease unlike RL. Some residential listings even come with the houses already set in place, or some are just parcels of land in which you build your own home on, or purchase an already built one. Always be sure of the amount of prims, and the size of the land before doing that, as not all homes will fit on all parcels.

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