Death constant beyond love characters

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death constant beyond love characters

Camille (Bogota, 34, Australia)s review of Collected Stories

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Published 15.05.2019

Video Review #7- Gabriel Garcia Marquez: Death Constant Beyond Love

Death Constant Beyond Love

Death Constant Beyond Love by Gabriel Garcia Marquez presents a host of themes that include death, misery, seclusion, and inability. It also presents a lot of symbolism as well, mainly the rose. I will limit myself and focus on the theme of seclusion. Later on in the story we find out that the village is very poor which further isolates it from the neighboring villages. The Senator secludes himself because of his pending death. In the first sentence of the story we find out that he his six months and eleven days to live. No one knows this besides him and his doctors.

The story introduced Rosal del Virrey as a poor and dry costal town infested with mischiefs such as smuggling.
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Death Constant Beyond Love

Gabriel Garcia Marquez vividly portrays the loneliness and carelessness that some people experience due to unfortunate circumstances, in his story, Death Constant Beyond Love. I found the title of this story most interesting because the meaning is so direct; I interpret it as regardless of love, or for that matter emotions or feelings, we all expire, we all die. This is the very image that Marquez elucidates through his character, the Senator. The Senator has approximately six months to live; he keeps this a secret and goes on with his duty as Senator. His duty, at least as I interpret it, is to continue to deceive the people of Rosal del Virrey to believe that things will be getting better, while all along the whole intent is to keep things the way they are in order for the town to make money by allowing illegal imports at night in the port.

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