Rich & poor in ancient rome

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rich & poor in ancient rome

Rich and Poor in Ancient Rome by Richard Dargie

Rome grew from a small settlement on the banks of the Tiber to become a great city, and eventually the capital of the greatest empire of the ancient world. The legacy of Rome is its Latin language, its laws, its architecture and the urge to create empire, from the Holy Roman Empire itself to the European Union.

Ancient Rome recreates the lives and beliefs of the ancient Romans in a lively and historically specific manner through linking text with photographs and illustrations to describe daily life over a period of 600 years (200 BCE-400 CE). By connecting an illustration of the past to current photographs, Ancient Rome provides a clear picture of how ancient life is reconstructed. Archaeology and How Do We Know? boxes, providing evidence for the information presented, show how knowledge of the past is authenticated. A detailed timeline, a glossary, a further information section and an index round out this clearly presented and engaging book.

Rich with evidence and colorful descriptions, Ancient Rome is a valuable guide to discovering the roots of western civilization.

Ancient Rome is part of the Picturing the Past Series from Enchantend Lion Books:
How do we know what we know about ancient peoples and their cultures that have disappeared? Ultimately, there are three main sources of information: the images that survive in wall paintings, ceramics and sculptures; artifacts, such a jewelry, utensils, toys, clothing, and tools; and the writings of ancient authors that have survived the ravages of time. From such sources, it is possible to begin to reconstruct the life of the distant past with an astonishing degree of accuracy.
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The Roman Domus - The Houses Of The Wealthy Families

Rich For wealthy Romans, life was good. They lived in beautiful houses – often on the hills Poor in wealth but strong in numbers, they were the Roman mob, who relaxed in front of Religion in Ancient Rome – Mythology / Roman Spirits.
Richard Dargie

Rich and Poor in Ancient Rome

At its height the population of the city of Rome was probably over one million. However the Roman Empire was an agricultural society where most people made their living from farming although there were many craftsmen. Only a small minority of the population lived in towns. In the Roman Empire there were two types of people - citizens and non-citizens. Roman citizens had certain privileges. From 89 BC all inhabitants of Italy were made Roman citizens. In AD century all free people in the Roman Empire were made citizens.

From the early days of the Roman Republic through the volatile reigns of such ignoble emperors as Caligula , Nero , and Commodus , the Roman Empire continued to expand, stretching its borders to encompass the entire Mediterranean Sea as well as expanding northward to Gaul and Britain. History records the exploits of the heroes as well as the tirades of the emperors. Despite the sometimes shameful deeds of the imperial office, the empire was built on the backs of its citizens - the unsung people who lived a relatively quiet existence, and who are often ignored by history. Rome was a cosmopolitan city with Greeks, Syrians, Jews, North Africans, Spaniards, Gauls, and Britons, and like any society, the average Roman citizen awoke each morning, labored, relaxed, and ate, and while his or her daily life could often be hectic, he or she would always survive. Outside the cities , in the towns and on the small farms, people lived a much simpler life - dependent almost entirely on their own labor.

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Ancient Roman housing was bereft of modern conveniences such as indoor plumbing, but they were surprisingly sophisticated as well. There were big differences between the housing of the rich and the poor in Roman times.

Rich people lived in houses called domus. Country houses for rich people were called the villa's. They had running water and poor people didn't. Poor people lived on the top of apartments that were made from wood. Most apartments either caught on fire and burned down, or got crashed. Poor people didn't have running water, toilets, or kitchens.

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  1. Rich people lived in houses called domus. Country houses for rich people were called the villa's. They had running water and poor people didn't. Poor people.

  2. Rich Roman: The rich people in Ancient Rome put a great deal of faith in education. Poor Roman: While the poor in Ancient Rome did not.

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