Is quiktrip a publicly traded company

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is quiktrip a publicly traded company

The Good Jobs Strategy: How the Smartest Companies Invest in Employees to Lower Costs and Boost Profits by Zeynep Ton

Almost one in four American working adults has a job that pays less than a living wage. Conven­tional wisdom says that’s how the world has to work. Bad jobs with low wages, minimal benefits, little training, and chaotic schedules are the only way companies can keep costs down and prices low. If companies were to offer better jobs, cus­tomers would have to pay more or companies would have to make less.
But in The Good Jobs Strategy, Zeynep Ton, a professor at the MIT Sloan School of Management, makes the compelling case that even in low-cost settings, leaving employees behind—with bad jobs—is a choice, not a necessity. Drawing on more than a decade of research, Ton shows how operational excellence enables companies to of­fer the lowest prices to customers while ensuring good jobs for their employees and superior results for their investors.
Ton describes the elements of the good jobs strategy in a variety of successful companies around the world, including Southwest Airlines, UPS, Toyota, Zappos, and In-N-Out Burger. She focuses on four model retailers—Costco, Merca­dona, Trader Joe’s, and QuikTrip—to demonstrate the good jobs strategy at work and reveals four choices that have transformed these compa­nies’ high investment in workers into lower costs, higher profits, and greater customer sat­isfaction.
Full of surprising, counterintuitive insights, the book answers questions such as: How can offering fewer products increase customer sat­isfaction? Why would having more employees than you need reduce costs and boost profits? How can companies simultaneously standardize work and empower employees?
The Good Jobs Strategy outlines an invaluable blueprint for any organization that wants to pur­sue a sustainable competitive strategy in which everyone—employees, customers, and investors—wins.
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Public vs Private Companies - What's the difference between a public and private company?

QuikTrip’s Investment in Retail Employees Pays Off

It's a much believed assumption in the retail world: If you're going to compete on the basis of low cost, then you can't afford to invest in your employees. Extensive training—who has the time to give? Regularly scheduled hours? Better to trim schedules and leave vacant positions unfilled for immediate, measurable savings. That's the retail way. Moreover, the costs of understaffing aren't easily quantifiable; who can say how many customers are lost to long lines or stock-outs? But now a growing group of retailers is challenging this notion of an industry built on the backs of crummy jobs, very prosperous companies that include Costco, Mercadona, Trader Joe's, and QuikTrip.

QuikTrip Corporation is a privately held company headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Those revenues place QuikTrip high on the Forbes listing of largest privately held companies. QuikTrip is dedicated to customer service; please contact us for any reason. Read more to learn about all available contact options. QuikTrip has been serving our customers quality products with a smile for over 55 years.


QuikTrip has been involved in the dishing of quality products and services to their customers for more than 55 years now. The company has the goal of becoming the best in the industry that caters for the service and delivery of items offered in a convenience store. The company was established in the year by two business entrepreneurs, Chester Cadieux and Burt Holmes. In the year , the company began expansion outside of Oklahoma and they began the sales of gasoline in the year The company is considered a franchise as they have locations spread at different parts of the United States. They have a highly performing franchise model and QuikTrip Franchise is being considered by Fortune Magazine as one of the top performing franchises in the USA. The company believes they are the best in the industry when it comes to great service delivery.

Employees 21, Fiscal Year End Apr 30, Headquarters Tulsa, Oklahoma. QuikTrip owns and operates over convenience stores and gasoline service stations throughout eleven states in the South, Midwest, and Southwest. Around half of the privately-held company is owned by non-family members through an employee stock ownership plan ESOP , while the Cadieux family controls most of the remainder. Best Employers for New Grads Best Employers for Women

The company expanded outside of Oklahoma in , and started selling gasoline in In January , QT ranked No. In , QT was ranked No. QuikTrip also ranked No. While driving through Dallas , Burt Holmes was intrigued by the success of 7-Eleven and decided to open a small grocery store in his hometown of Tulsa.

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