Alfred e neuman what me worry

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alfred e neuman what me worry

Quote by Alfred E. Neuman: “What, me worry?”

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#2259: What, Me Worry?

"Totally MAD" Excerpt: Who is Alfred E. Neuman?

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Alfred E. Neuman is the fictitious mascot and cover boy of the American humor magazine Mad. The character's distinct face, with his parted red hair, gap-tooth smile, freckles, protruding nose, and scrawny body, had actually first emerged in U. The magazine's editor Harvey Kurtzman claimed the character in , and he was named "Alfred E. Neuman" by Mad's second editor, Al Feldstein , in Since his debut in Mad , Neuman's likeness has appeared on the cover of all but a handful of the magazine's over issues.

Neuman, will no longer be on newsstands starting in the fall. If you were a MAD Magazine reader, what made you keep coming back, issue after issue?
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The boy soon made his way into the pages of the magazine, though he was as yet unnamed. Kurtzman had been using the Neuman name mostly because it had the ring of a nonentity — although there was a Hollywood composer named Alfred Newman. The idiot kid made his official debut in as a write-in candidate for President on the cover of MAD 30 , and the magazine now had an official mascot and cover boy. In the next issue, Alfred made his second cover appearance pictured as an addition to Mount Rushmore. The Neuman face was created by N orman Mingo. MAD asked its readers to help out and was deluged by suggestions and theories. The kid was used in to advertise a patent medicine; he was a newspaperman named Old Jack; he was taken from a biology textbook as an example of a person who lacked iodine; he was a testimonial on advertisements for painless dentistry; he was originated by comedian Garry Moore ; he was a greeting-card alcoholic named Hooey McManus; he was a Siamese boy named Watmi Worri.

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