I would only be in your way

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i would only be in your way From Morgan Rice, #1 Bestselling author of THE SORCERER’S RING, comes a riveting new fantasy series. ONLY THE WORTHY (The Way of Steel—Book 1) tells the epic coming of age story of Royce, 17, a peasant farmer who senses, with his special fighting skills, that he is different from all the other boys in his village. There resides within him a power he does not understand, and a hidden destiny he is afraid to face. On the day he is to be wed to his one true love, Genevieve, she is stolen away from him. Royce chooses to risk it all to confront the nobles who took her and to try to save his love.

Write your name on my wrist

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write your name on my wrist Its the first thing they teach you when you start school. But they dont need to; your parents tell you when youre first learning how to say your name. Its drummed into you whilst youre taking your first stumbling steps. Its your lullaby.

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